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OUR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICE INCLUDES: (dependent on package selected)

  • Sourcing professional tenants

  • Tenant referencing

  • Handling tenants' deposits

  • Preparing tenancy agreements and other relevant documents

  • Checking tenants in and out

  • 3-6 monthly property inspections

  • Minor repairs and maintenance

  • Overseeing refurbishment and/or redecoration

  • Negotiating tenancy renewals

  • Reduced void periods

  • Arranging energy performing, gas and electricity safety certificates etc

  • Dealing with tenants' disputes

  • Serving notices

  • Arranging and paying contractors and relevant third parties on behalf of landlord/agent

8-15% of the monthly rental fee


Are you a landlord who wishes to avoid the headaches of regular calls from your tenants and weekend maintenance calls? By utilising our property management service we take on all of those stresses for you by fully managing your property investment, allowing you as a landlord to gain free time. 


Should an issue occur at the property, for example if an item was to break, having to drop everything to visit the property can become an inconvenience however if you sign up to our property management service, we can deal with these issues for you and arrange for its repair or replacement. We would be the property manager and act as the tenants' main point of contact, alleviating you of any hassles.


As experienced property managers, we are able to filter tenants, highlighting any potential red flags when reviewing tenants’ paperwork. This greatly improves your chances of securing a good tenant.


We offer a rent collection service as part of our property management. If you are interested in removing the stress of collecting and sometimes having to chase rent payments then get in touch and allow us to start managing your properties, alternatively, why not consider our guaranteed rent service. Landlords please click here for more information. Agents please click here for further information.

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